22 Mar

How to use SEO for your business

Running a business is tough on any day of the week – even when things are going as smoothly as they can, you can never afford to take a breather and hope that the company will run itself, especially if you are the sole owner.

So how can you hope to juggle an additional load on your back in the form of SEO? Well, you’ll just have to manage somehow. These days, there’s no replacement for search engine placement, and ranking higher will get you more leads than most other brand-establishing methods. Sure, lead conversion is still up in the air, but what good is running the best business if nobody knows you exist?

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Using SEO for your business

Business owners looking to use SEO for their own gain should familiarize themselves with the basics first. Applying SEO is exactly what the acronym would suggest: optimizing your brand so that it gains favor with the search engines.

It doesn’t matter if you feel that Google or Microsoft (Bing) are bad or evil companies who don’t deserve to be catered to – the fact of the matter is that most of your customers will find your business through search engines whether you like it or not.

Therefore, you’ll have to take some time to understand what helps a page rank higher (and what causes its ranking to plummet). One easy thing you can do is to find out how people are getting to your site – what are the searches they most commonly use? From there, you can alter the text and images on your site so that would-be visitors have an easier time navigating to it. This alone will help you rise a great deal, especially on the most relevant pages where you will likely break into the top 10 if your website is in good standing. Of course, SEO takes a lot more than just altering your site a bit – you’ll have to create an online presence that rivals or exceeds those of your competitors.

Putting yourself out there

In simple terms, the more your business is mentioned on the web, the better your search engine placement will be. There’s a catch, though: the quality of the sites you’re mentioned on makes all the difference in the world. To make a real impact on the rankings, you’ll want your name on some of the foremost websites related to your niche – personal blogs with heaps of visitors, instructional sites, aggregates and more.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there isn’t a quick way to go about this most of the time. Past adding your listing on various citation websites, you’ll have to reach out to owners of popular websites and see about getting mentioned. They aren’t likely to do it out of the kindness of their hearts, so you’ll have to offer something in return – be it a quality post that provides a ton of insight into the workings of something relevant or a fixed partnership fee, find out what the site owners are after and consider giving it to them.

The results will speak for themselves: getting mentioned on as little as two or three popular websites with a lot of visitors from your area will skyrocket your traffic and, in turn, improve your standing with the search engines considerably even for less-relevant search queries.

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